Deep Learning Engineer exploring AI and Computational Art.


  • Mike Schnettler

    Mike Schnettler

    Software Engineer, Data Science Enthusiast, Coffee Addict

  • Di Sparkling

    Di Sparkling

    Life Lover. Travel Addict. I like to watch others and share my thoughts. Sociology Grad Student.

  • Arthur Mello

    Arthur Mello

    I solve problems using data

  • Carla Martins

    Carla Martins

    Compulsive learner. Passionate about technology. Speaks C, R, Python, SQL, Haskell, Java and LaTeX. Interested in Computer Science and Data Science.

  • Shadab Choudhury

    Shadab Choudhury

  • Georgios Tourloukis

    Georgios Tourloukis

    Data Scientist, PhD in Mathematical Modeling, MSc & BEng

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